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SSD stands for “solid state disk” drive, which is a type of drive that doesn’t have moving parts.

Although they’re more expensive than traditional drives, SSD drives are much better than their budget hard disk drive (HDD) counterparts. Because they don’t have moving parts, they’re much more resilient and reliable. They also have lower latency, which means they can find and serve files to you and your visitors much faster.

Just like a lot of computers are sold with SSD drives, web servers can be fitted with them too. Your website’s files are stored on these drives much like your files are stored on your computer’s hard drive.

Why is SSD hosting so important?

1. Speed
Think of it like having to fast forward a video cassette compared to just picking a scene you want to go to on a DVD. One takes a lot of time to find the right place, one is pretty much instant. When you or one of your visitors is browsing your site, a website backed by SSD web space can find and serve the pages much faster than one backed by a standard hard drive.

If your website files are stored on a regular old hard drive, regardless of how well your images are optimized and how few plugins are used, your site will always be slower than the same site powered by SSD hosting. So your site is already, and always, at a disadvantage even before you’ve finished building it if you don’t have SSD hosting.

2. Reliability
SSD drives are highly resilient, much less vulnerable to physical shocks, and because they don’t have moving parts, there’s less that can wear out or go wrong. For these reasons, your website files are less at risk from loss compared to if they were hosted on regular old style hard drives.

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